Budget Review System

The Budget Preparation System/Budget Review System (BRS) is used by state agencies to prepare agency appropriation requests for the next fiscal year as well as operating budgets to begin the new fiscal year. BRS is used by the State Budget Division (SBD) to review state agencies’ appropriation requests and operating budgets. By state statute, Appropriation Requests are due September 1 and operating budgets are due on May 1st each year and must be submitted in hard copy and must include an electronic copy of the BRS system.

To prepare the FY20 appropriation submission, agencies must install a new BRS update and data files. The FY20 update contains several changes to the system. Please print and read the BRS installation and transmission guide prior to updating BRS. Click below to access the BRS update. SBD will notify BRS users of any revisions and updates to the system by email and post them to the SBD website.

Note: If using WINSCP or a comparable file transfer program please use as the host name.

General items to note:

  • By using the BRS data file provided to prepare the FY20 appropriation request, the FY19 operating budget column should already be complete and correct.
  • You should update the FY18 actual column to reflect actual revenue and expenditures posted to the SHARE system under the modified accrual basis of accounting.
  • BRS will not project compensation increases.
  • Revenue data entered in the View/Update Revenue module of BRS will automatically populate data reported on the View/Update Data Using Excel module and the S-8.

For more detailed instructions, please read the BRS Installation and User Guide before proceeding with the installation. For technical problems contact your Executive Analyst at the State Budget Division. When experiencing technical problems, please e-mail your analyst with a detailed description of the problem and include screen prints of errors you are experiencing, your name and phone number on all e-mails. E-mail will be monitored regularly in order to address BRS related problems.