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The purpose of program support is to provide other Department of Finance and Administration programs with central direction to agency management processes to ensure consistency, legal compliance and financial integrity.
For Accounts Payable, please submit requests to the following email account:
Job Title
Phone No.
ASD Director
Mackie Romero Deputy Director/CFO 505-827-3923
Anthony Enright Budget Manager 505-827-4634
Finance Bureau
Joseph Lovato Finance Bureau Chief 505-476-0483
Theresa Perraglio Accounts Receivable Specialist 505-827-3942
VACANT General Ledger Accountant 505-827-3843
VACANT AP Processor
Human Resources Bureau
Diane Swan HR Bureau Chief 505-469-7877
Krystal Tool HR Administrator 505-570-7743
VACANT HR Staff 505-827-4995