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Notice of Right to Inspect Public Records Act (IPRA)

DFA Records Request

Under the Inspection of Public Records Act, everyone has the right to inspect public records of the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA). DFA makes its records available for inspection, with certain legal exceptions. Please review before submitting a request. 

How to Request Records 

  • Submit a Request: Request should be done using the form below.  
  • Requests can be made orally or in writing. However, only written requests are subject to the procedures and penalties outlined by the Act. 
  • Include in Your Request: Your name, address, telephone number, and a detailed description of the records you want to inspect. 

Response Time 

  • Immediate Inspection: Records should be available immediately or as soon as possible, but no later than 15 calendar days after the request is received. 
  • Delayed Inspection: If records are not available within 3 business days, you will receive a written response with an expected availability date or further details. 
  • Unavailable Records: If records are not available for inspection, you will receive a written explanation within 15 calendar days. 

Requesting Copies & Fees 

The DFA charges copying fees as follows: 

  • $1.00 per page for copies made of original documents; 
  • actual costs for downloading copies of public records to a computer disk or other storage device, including the actual cost of the disk or storage device; 
  • actual costs of transmitting copies by mail, electronic mail or facsimile; and 
  • no fee in excess of $1.00 per page for documents 11”x17” or smaller. 

The DFA requires advance payment prior to providing the records and provides a receipt upon payment. The DFA does not charge a fee for the cost of determining whether any public record is subject to disclosure. 

How to Submit Your Request 

  • Online: The form below
  • Mail:
    DFA Office of the Secretary
    407 Galisteo Street
    Santa Fe, NM 87501 

    Electronic Request

    The following form may be used to request Department of Finance and Administration reports/documents. To submit an Inspection of Public Records request online, fill out the following mandatory fields.

    IPRA Submission

    Please be as detailed as possible with your request.