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Division and Bureau Contact Phone Numbers 

Division/Program Title Phone Number Contact
Office of the Secretary 505-827-4966
Acting Public Information Officer 505-670-9323 Henry Valdez
Executive Assistant 505-827-4966 Connie Trujillo
Chief Economist 505-740-3833 Leonardo Delgado
Chief Legal Counsel 505-670-2285 Patrick Schaefer
Board of Finance 505-827-4980
Budget Division 505-827-3640 Sarah Delarosa
Capital Outlay 505-827-3696 Melody Montoya
Financial Control Division Executive Secretary & Administrative Assistant 505-827-3682
Vendor Relations 505-309-2649 Vendor Relations
Cash Control 505-695-3784
Central Payroll 505-629-8078
Financial Management 505-827-3625
SHARE Financial Help Desk 505-827-1234 DFA Help Desk
Statewide Financial Reporting and Accountability 505-469-0206
Local Government Division 505-827-8051
Special Services 505-469-1822
Community Development 505-470-8979
Budget and Finance 505-231-7246
LDWI 505-629-2845
NM-911 505-660-3637
Finance Department 505-827-3923
Human Resources 505-469-7877
Information Technology Bureau 505-827-1234 Help Desk

Notice of right to Inspect Public Records Act (IPRA)

All IPRA requests for New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration should contact the Agency at (505) 827-3013 or via email at DFA IPRA REQUEST

Check Warrant Remittance

If you have received a check (Warrant Remittance) and are not sure what it is for, please locate the Business Unit name on the top left hand corner of the remittance and contact the agency directly.  Click on the following link to obtain agency contact information:

Employment Verification

The Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) can verify employment for DFA employees ONLY. Contact our Human Resource Bureau at 505-469-7877 for DFA employees.

If you have a question regarding a state employee other than a DFA employee, please contact the State Personnel Office at 505-476-7759, or the agency directly.

Click on the following link to obtain agency contact information:

Business Unit Contact Telephone Number