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The Accountability in Government Act (AGA), Sections 6-3A-1 through 6-3A-9 NMSA 1978, is to provide state government with the framework to allow for more cost-effective and responsive government services. This is accomplished by using the state budget process and defined performance measures (outputs and outcomes) to annually evaluate the performance of state government programs. The AGA allows resources (funding, FTE) to be directly linked with performance.
The State Budget Division (SBD) is charged with the implementation of the AGA and promotes a rational process to implement the Act. This process begins with a strategic plan that has been required as part of the submission of an agency’s budget request. The strategic plan should be evaluated and updated each year to include any changes to an agency’s statutes, regulations and program structure.
The SBD strongly encourages agencies to work closely with the Executive Budget Analyst and the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) Analyst. If you have any questions or concerns about the requirements of the Act, please contact the assigned Executive Budget Analyst as soon as possible.
Program Reporting: In accordance with the AGA, SBD in conjunction with the LFC, has issued a list of agreed to “Key” performance measures for quarterly performance reporting. All “key agencies” are required to submit a hard-copy report in the “CYFD format”, complete with a chart, to SBD and LFC within 30 days at the end of each calendar quarter.
AGA Documents
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AGA Information and BFM User Guide for HEIs 9.5.2023 PDF
LFC performance measure training v2 PPTX
PM 6-13-14 PPTX