Financial Management and Vendor Relations

Completed warrant cancellation requests and 1099 questions should be emailed to

Staff Job Title Phone No.
Andrea Botwin Financial Management Bureau Supervisor 505-412-0641
Claudette Romero Accountant & Auditor Supervisor 505-670-4514
Theresa Finley Vendor Relations Specialist 505-670-4167
Polly Jeffery Vendor Relations Specialist 505-670-4698
William Roberts Accountant & Auditor 505-827-5837
Jessica Romero Vendor Relations Specialist 505-670-4395
Yvette Chavez 1099 Accountant & Auditor 505-476-0309
Phillip Benavidez Vendor Relations Specialist 505-670-4485
Julie Lopez Distribution Clerk 505-827-3660