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Completed warrant cancellation requests and 1099 questions should be emailed to

For inquiries related to payments received from the State of New Mexico, please call (505) 476-8533 or email

FCD Distribution Center

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Staff Job Title Phone No.
Ruby James Financial Management Bureau Supervisor 505-487-6701
Sonya Gallegos Accountant & Auditor Supervisor 505-309-2649
William Roberts Accountant & Auditor 505-257-8349
Yvette Chavez 1099 Accountant & Auditor 505-470-9068
Abigail Richmond Vendor Relations Specialist 505-699-2151
Phillip Benavidez Vendor Relations Specialist 505-670-4485
Jason Chavez Vendor Relations Specialist 505-538-5601
Theresa Finley Vendor Relations Specialist 505-670-4167
Julie Lopez Distribution Clerk 505-827-3660