Office of the Secretary

Cabinet Secretary

Department of Finance and Administration

The Secretary of Finance and Administration is the Governor’s top budget official. The Secretary is responsible for the operations of the Department’s five divisions, and also serves on many Boards and Commissions.

Staff Job Title Phone Number
Debbie Romero Cabinet Secretary 505-476-8500
Denise Duran Executive Administrative Assistant 505-827-4966
Renee Ward Deputy Cabinet Secretary 505-827-3652
Cindy Martinez Acting State Budget Director/Acting Deputy Cabinet Secretary 505-827-3657
Andrew Baranowski General Counsel 505-827-3013
Dillon Fisher-Ives Deputy General Counsel 505-827-3881
VACANT Public Information Officer
Carri Phillis Special Projects Coordinator 505-795-2354
General Information 505-827-4985

Economic Analyst Unit

Staff Job Title Phone Number
VACANT Chief Economist 505-827-3930
Noel Martinez Senior Economist 505-827-4982

Physical Address

Office of the Secretary
407 Galisteo StreetRoom 180
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505-827-4985
Fax: 505-827-4984

Mailing Address

Office of the Secretary
180 Bataan Memorial Building
Santa Fe, NM 87501