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Welcome to the Local Government Division


To assist local government entities, local representatives, and citizens with the appropriate use of public funds and to strengthen their ability to better serve New Mexico communities to improve their quality of life.

 The Department of Finance and Administration, Local Government Division (LGD), provides administrative and technical support to local entities throughout the State of New Mexico.
Staff Job Title Phone No.
Wesley Billingsley Acting Division Director 505-819-1915
Jeannette Gallegos Deputy Director/Special Services Bureau Chief 505-827-4787        505-660-8744
Cordelia Chavez Budget and Finance Bureau Chief 505-231-7246
Carmen Morin Community Development Bureau Chief 505-470-8979
Stephen Weinkauf NM-911 Bureau Chief 505-660-3637
LDWI Bureau Chief 505-629-2845
Shanna Sasser Rural & Frontier Equity Ombudsman 505-470-2750
Geovanna Losito Administrative Assistant 505 827-8051        505-257-8098
VACANT Administrative Assistant


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