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RFP 23 341 4000 0005 Financial Advisor


RFP 23 341 4000 0005 Financial Advisor


Proposal Delivery

All deliveries of proposals Must be submitted via the NMDFA Bonfire Procurement Portal. Only electronic submittals in the Bonfire Procurement Portal will be accepted for this RFP.


A procurement library has been established.  Offerors are encouraged to review the material contained in the Procurement Library by selecting the link provided in the electronic version of this document through your own internet connection.  The library contains information listed below:


Electronic version of RFP, Questions & Answers, RFP Amendments, etc.

Other relevant links:

Past official statements, schedules of outstanding debt, Debt Affordability reports, and other information,

Bond proceed investment information,

Answers to Written Questions

Past RFPs
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