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The Community Development Bureau has assisted New Mexico’s municipalities and counties in investing over $250 million in federal CDBG funds to address local community development needs. Bureau staff members provide assistance and oversight to local officials with the implementation of needed infrastructure, public buildings, housing rehabilitation, economic development, planning and other critical projects.

The second major responsibility of the Community Development Bureau is the administration of hundreds of Capital Outlay Projects passed by the New Mexico Legislature and signed into law by the Governor each year. The Bureau executes formal agreements with units of local government, processes payments and ensures that these state funds – nearly $400 million over ten years – are spent in accordance with authorizing legislation.

Job Title
Phone No.
Carmen Morin
Bureau Chief
Alison Gillette Project Manager 505-469-7811
Daniel Catanach Project Manager 505-231-6090
Lori Vasquez
Project Manager
Dawn Webster Project Manager 505-490-1528
Donna Stewart
Project Manager
Nicole Silva
Project Manager
Maureen Ayers Project Manager 505-470-0977
Stephanie Kramer
Project Manager
Steve Lacy Project Manager 505-695-5602
Lynda Martinez Project Manager  505-699-3971
Geovanna Losito ICIP Program Manager 505-257-8098

Legislative and CDBG Team Assignments CDB Team – Legislative, CDBG & ICIP Map

Fiscal Year 2023 Year-End Deadlines

Fiscal Year 2023 Year-End Deadlines PDF
Fiscal Year 2023 Year-End Deadlines VIDEO