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Welcome to the Financial Control Division

Goals and Objectives:

To maintain a central system of state accounts: to devise, formulate, approve, and control the accounting methods and procedures employed by state agencies; to ensure all financial transactions comply with state laws, rules, regulations by pre-auditing and approving all financial transactions, monitoring accounting practices; and to ensure compliance with the budgetary basis of accounting used by the state.

Program Description

The Department of Finance and Administration – Financial Control Division is responsible for the following:

  • determining the legality of and authority for proposed expenditures
  • centrally processing and recording transactions
  • assuring that sufficient cash and budget are available prior to the commitment of public funds
  • maintaining central filing system for documents supporting financial transactions
  • issuing financial reports to state agencies
  • compiling and issuing financial reports including the “State Annual Financial Report” to the Legislature and other entities
  • issuing state employee biweekly payroll
The Division is responsible for enforcing and administering a number of statutes which include the periodic allotment of appropriations (including State General Fund appropriations) authorized by the Legislature. The Division accounts for all operating budgets approved by the State Budget Division and ensures that agencies stay within their authorized spending authority.    
Staff Job Title Phone No.
Mark Melhoff Acting State Controller/Division Director 505-827-3625
Heather Kent Cash Control Manager/Acting Deputy Director 505-695-3784
Kusum Adhikari Mobile CFO 505-699-5341
Adrienne Targhetta Executive Secretary & Administrative Assistant 505-827-3682
Audrey Beck Central Payroll Bureau Chief 505-629-8078
John Severns Statewide Financial Reporting and Accountability Supervisor 505-469-0206
Geneva Cordova Accountant and Audit Supervisor 505-479-2073
Cindy Olguin Accountant and Audit Supervisor 505-479-2080
Clark Crowdus P-Card Administrator/PCI Coordinator 505-699-2125
Ruby James Financial Management and Vendor Relations Supervisor 505-487-6701
Alberta Garcia DFA Help Desk Manager 505-827-1234
Peter Paul Davis Business Operations Manager 505-396-0602