FY 2024-2028 ICIP Publication

On behalf of the Department of Finance and Administration/Local Government Division, we would like to thank all Counties, Municipalities, Tribal Government Entities, Special Districts, and Senior Citizen Facilities for participating in the FY 2024-2028 Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP).

The ICIP provides information from local government entities on priority infrastructure projects for their communities, including project detail of each specific infrastructure capital improvement project, funding time frames, and estimated costs over the FY 2024-2028 period.

The FY 2024-2028 ICIP publication consists of three reports: 1. Entity information that includes Project Priority Process, Capital Improvements Goals, and Factors/Trends Considered; 2. Project Summary of all projects submitted by each entity; and 3. The Top 5 Project Detail Reports of each entity’s top five FY 2024 projects.



Tribal Government Entities

Special Districts

Senior Citizen Facilities