A Fresh Start for Capital Outlay: Introducing DFA’s Infrastructure Planning and Development Division

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July 1st marked the official start of the new Infrastructure Planning and Development Division (IPDD) at The Department of Finance and Administration (DFA). An evolution to historic practice, the ambitious division will pioneer a new path for New Mexico’s infrastructure and capital outlay.  

In collaboration with the Governor’s Office and Cabinet Secretary Wayne Propst, IPDD Director Wesley Billingsley will lead the most meaningful overhaul and improvements to New Mexico’s Capital Outlay process. This overhaul will speed the delivery of new roads, museums, schools, parks, water systems, public buildings, and other infrastructure for communities across the state. 

“It’s not an easy task by any means but it’s the perfect time to dream big and make big changes,” says Billingsley.  

Billingsley worked in capital outlay for 12 years, the last six as the capital outlay bureau chief. If there was anyone to lead the division to tackle the challenges, it’s him.  

“It’s rare to find the ‘perfect’ person for the job but that is exactly what Wesley is in this case,” says DFA Secretary Wayne Propst. “He brings a wealth of experience but more importantly a vision that is needed as the state works to improve this critical function, capital outlay, that impacts every New Mexican.” 

Calls for changes to capital outlay have been made for years, and the 2024 Legislative Session was a massive leap forward. The legislature passed HB 232, establishing an Infrastructure Planning and Development Division at DFA. This new division will streamline and improve the infrastructure and capital outlay process through centralization. It will track spending more accurately, ensure projects are funded appropriately, and provide public-facing dashboards for project funding and status transparency.  

Our mission is to make capital planning and expenditures more transparent, efficient and accessible. We’re committed to creating a new digital platform that will change how we do capital outlay,” says Billingsley.  

IPDD also incorporates the Federal Grants Bureau to help local entities and state agencies leverage federal funding for New Mexico. Currently, the division launched the New Mexico Match Fund, a $75 million program designed to amplify federal funding opportunities for infrastructure, research, economic development, the energy transition, and other critical projects.  

“We thrive on challenges and excel at building the teams to tackle them. The road ahead is a bit unpaved, but that’s precisely why DFA is the ideal place for a division like this,” says Secretary Propst.