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Welcome to the Federal Grants Bureau

New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration added the Federal Grants Management Bureau to the organizational structure to build capacity among state agencies and tribal and local governments for successfully acquiring and managing federal grants for the benefit of New Mexico communities. The Federal Grants Management Bureau works directly with state agencies to track federal funding received by the state, notify agencies and governments in New Mexico of federal funding opportunities available, and aid with grant applications. Additionally, staff assist agencies with internal federal grant accounting, audit, and monitoring issues that may hold an agency back from receiving federal funds.

 The Federal Grants Management Bureau also assists in applications through conducting Single Point of Contact (SPOC) review, or EO 12372 review. (As noted on the Grants.gov required application cover sheet, SF-424, Question 19.)

 We look forward to connecting with you!

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Staff Job Title Phone No.
VACANT Bureau Chief
State Agency Federal Funds Reporting
LeAndra Garcia Federal Analyst Supervisor 505-469-2729
Hallie Brown Federal Analyst 505-500-9355
Grants Acquisition
Anna Naruta-Moya Technical Assistance Supervisor 505-470-7935

New Mexico’s Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for Federal Grants

The Federal Grants Management Bureau at DFA is your resource for Single Point of Contact review (SPOC Review), or E.O. 12372 review, named for the Executive Order issued by President Ronald Reagan in 1982. You may also find this referred to as Intergovernmental Review in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) from a federal agency, or in other documents from a federal funding agency.

The Grants.gov required application cover sheet, SF-424, Question 19, also prompts for reporting on your interaction with the review process under E.O. 12372.

DFA‘s Federal Grants Management Bureau is the office that can assist you with satisfying this requirement for your application. We look forward to working with you!

Participation in the SPOC system under United States E.O. 12372 allows prioritized communications with federal granting agencies.

DFA’s Anna Naruta-Moya, PhD serves as the SPOC for New Mexico.

To request E.O. 12372 review for an application by a state agency or government entity in New Mexico, for more information, or to let us know you’re considering a federal funding opportunity, please contact Anna.Naruta-Moya@dfa.nm.gov.

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