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2022 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Schedule

2022 Community Development Block Grant CDBG Schedule – rev. 5-25-22

CDBG Economic Development Application available upon request

CDBG Housing Application available upon request

CDBG Implementation Training Series

2022 CDBG Application Training Series

CDBG Application Virtual Series Training Modules & Application

The Department of Finance & Administration, Local Government Division is proud to bring to you the first ever CDBG Application Virtual Series. The Community Development Bureau (CDB) team have created the CDBG Application training modules for eligible local governments via our website. This will allow local governments who may be planning to apply for the 2022 CDBG funds an opportunity to review at your convenience  throughout the application process. Note: If you are planning on applying for CDBG funds, it is required to review all modules.

After reviewing the training modules, please complete the Confirmation Form below, which will provide us proof that you completed the viewing requirement.  If you have any questions, please include in the form below, or you can contact your Project Manager.

*Contact information is provided in CDB Team Project Manager Map located on the CDBG information page.

Module 1 2022 CDBG Application Series – CDBG VIDEO
Module 2 2022 CDBG Application Series – Citizen Participation VIDEO
Module 3 2022 CDBG Application Series – LMI Methodology & Calculation VIDEO
Module 4 2022 CDBG Application Series – Completing Your CDBG Application VIDEO
Module 5 2022 CDBG Application Series – Getting Ahead VIDEO
2022 CDBG Application Training Confirmation Form FORM
2022 CDBG Application PDF

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